Alginic caviar

Private Unitary Production Enterprise "BerryFood" - a production company producing alginic caviar and other products based on seaweed (kelp). Production is in the territory of the Republic of Belarus and meets the highest quality standards. The company produces a new kind of simulated caviar, which is different from all previously produced types of artificial eggs (protein, and others.) Improved taste, color, and closer to the sturgeon caviar plastic structure. New high quality caviar, manufactured by our company may have peculiar shades of natural caviar of different sturgeon. Its appearance and taste as close to natural caviar, contains natural iodine and other biologically active components necessary to the human body, low-calorie, affordable.
The company is a multiple winner and winner of exhibitions and fairs.

The company's mission:
• Ensure that the needs of the population in high-quality food at affordable prices, perfect the most demanding customer requests.
• Develop business on values ​​such as: work as a team, professionalism, innovation and openness in providing information on the company's affairs.



Product of the Year 2014

April 23, 2014 went award ceremony "Product of the Year 2014", where our company has received the diploma of 1 degree!

Alginic caviar - a source of vitamins and minerals

One of the urgent problems of the modern city - unnatural foods. The human body needs regular replenishment of organic matter. Unfortunately, the food industry workers often try to save money on production, but because often the products on store shelves devoid of essential amino acids and nutrients.

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